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Fituristically Her's Winter Wonderland Icon Pack USD $9.00

Transform your iphone theme with this winter wonderland high vibe icon pack! Create and customize your own beautiful designs to have you feeling inspired, motivated, and high vibe! Plenty of icons, wallpapers, decorative photos and graphics, and motivational quotes for you to choose from to create your own unique style. For iphone users.

Your kit includes:

  • 54 icon covers
  • 11 wallpapers (5 lock screens and 6 home screens)
  • 10 motivational quote graphics
  • 6 decorative photos/graphics
  • Instructional installation video

Upon paying, you will receive a direct link to access all your media files, including the instructional video on how to install your new icon pack to your phone, and how to customize your own theme

54 icons for the most popular apps!

Many customizable options!

Example theme #1

Example theme #2

Example theme #3

Example theme #4

Installation instruction are included

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