7 words to avoid when manifesting

words to avoid while manifesting

Date published: February 10 2021

These words will completely ruin your manifestation power. Learn what words to avoid when manifesting so that you don’t make this mistake!

phrases to avoid when manifesting

Today we’re going to talk about 7 words to avoid when manifesting!

I’m going to share with you why you’ll want to eliminate them from your vocabulary, along with what words to replace them with.

So here’s the list of the 7 words to avoid when manifesting:

1. Not that
2. Less of
3. No
4. Don’t want
5. Stop getting
6. Stop having
7. Get rid of

Now, there are plenty more, however this list here will give you the gist of what I mean.

The words we want to avoid are any words that bring up something that we DO NOT desire. As you can tell from the list, these words fit right in that category.

For example:

“I want less bills”
“I want to get rid of debt”
“I don’t want my partner to do that”
“I want to get rid of this habit”

These will all bring about a subject matter that you don’t want, which will very likely cause you to experience negative feelings. And THAT is where the problem lies.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t understand the “don’t want”, “less of”, etc. - it understands our feelings and our emotions. The universe works in the same way.

Therefore, better words to use would be:

1. (I desire/have) this
2. More of
3. Yes (to that)
4. I do want
5. Start getting
6. Start having
7. Invite in

Looking back at our examples, here are ways that you can reframe these statements to have them set you up for success, by bringing up positive emotions:

“I want less bills”
I desire and have an abundance of money

“I want to get rid of debt”
I am inviting in financial abundance

“I don’t want my partner to do that”
Wouldn’t it be great if my partner did this” (the opposite behaviour)

“I want to get rid of this habit”
This is the new habit I’m going to start” (the opposite habit)

You see how by simply changing our vocabulary around our desires, how we are able to set ourselves up to bring up much better thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

And as the Law of Attraction works with 50% thought and 50% feelings, it is KEY that we use our language to work WITH it, not against it.

By stating what we DO want, and feeling what we DO want, we are playing the rules of the Law of Attraction.

By stating what we DON’T want, and feeling what we DON’T want, we are also playing the rules of the Law of Attraction (we are always interacting with it), however the results won’t be in our favor!

So the next time you find yourself stating something you are unhappy with, I invite you to reframe your language around said topic, so that the Law of Attraction works IN your favor!

Every little bit counts!

words to avoid using while manifesting

This is something that requires daily work - catching ourselves when we are putting our attention on something we do not want.

The little steps you take now, will pay off big in the long run!

I hope you enjoyed today’s read, and wish you an amazing rest of your day!

words to not use when manifesting
what not to say when manifesting
words to avoid using when manifesting

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words not to use when manifesting



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words to not use while manifesting

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