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Curious as to whether or not vision boards can bring your dreams and goals from just a concept to having it in your physical reality? In this post, I’m going to be sharing with you my vision board success story!

My vision board success story

vision board success story

Date published: February 3 2021

Curious as to whether or not vision boards can bring your dreams and goals from just a concept to having it in your physical reality? In this post, I’m going to be sharing with you my vision board success story!

vision board success story

When I first learned about vision boards, I was a little bit skeptical myself. I had heard of other people having big success with them, however I was still on the fence of whether or not I thought it would really make a difference in achieving my dreams and goals.

I was also afraid of creating a vision board and having other people see it and judge my goals! For this reason, I put off creating a vision board for many years. I would print inspiring photos here and there that I would hide in my journal, but that was the extent of it.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2020 - I decided to give a full vision board a go! I created a digital vision board (you can learn my exact step-by-step process here), so that I could use it as my desktop wallpaper and ensure it would be private to myself.

I created the board with a target date of December 31, 2020. When December 31 2020 arrived, I realized that I had achieved most of the things on my vision board! I was only looking at the board in the earlier months of 2020, and then I forgot about it (it was my desktop wallpaper on a user login that I stopped using after a while).

It felt surreal to find the board and realize that most of my goals had manifested in my real life! After reading this post, it is my hope that you find inspiration to create your own vision board, and realize that your goals and dreams may be much closer than you think!

This post is all about my vision board success story!

My vision board success story

I’m first going to show you what the entire board looks like, and then I’ll dive into the specifics - the reason behind each part, why I added it, why I wanted it, and whether or not it manifested throughout the year!

Let's get into my vision board success story! Here is the vision board that I created in early 2020:

vision board success story

Now let's break it down!

Part 1: the target date

it was on my vision board

This is the target date I had set to manifest everything on my board: December 31, 2020.

Part 2: The Fitness Queen Academy brand

vision board the secret

In late 2019, I had started working on a fitness brand that I was planning to launch in 2020, and name “The Fitness Queen Academy”. After branding and prepping everything, I came to find out that due to trademark issues, this was no longer a name I could use. I took this as an opportunity to create a more unique name, which is when I came up with name “Fituristically Her”.

I launched the brand in May of 2020 on both Instagram and Youtube as I had indicated on my vision board, under the name “Fituristically Her”. As much as my content has now taken a slight different direction (no longer heavily focused on physical fitness - rather focused on spiritual and mental fitness), and that I did not launch it as the original planned name, I would still consider this one a success.

Part 3: Making $10,000/mo

vision board

From the time I started making money, I always thought that making 5 figures a month would not only be a crazy milestone to reach. In both a good and bad way - the good: how amazing it would be. The bad: how impossible it seemed. Nonetheless, it was still always a goal of mine in the back of my head.

Fast forward to 2020, and this goal made it to my vision board. During this year, I signed up for a money mastermind, which really expanded my view on money. I made a lot of internal mindset shifts, and I ended up manifesting two 5-figure months! I say manifested because a lot of it was unexpected income in the form of gifted money, tax returns, refunded money, owed money, etc.

Part 4: Luxury condo downtown Toronto

my vision board came true

This one is the MOST exciting for me! This had been a goal of mine for years and years at this point. So much so that I knew at SOME point it was bound to happen, but I was also starting to lose hope that I wouldn’t get to do so in my mid-20s.

However, I kept the vision in mind, knowing that when the time was right, it was going to happen. The reason I was not making it happen was because I couldn’t afford it. I remember a couple years back making about $3000/mo after taxes, and people telling me that this was good money for my age and that I should be happy. Don’t get me wrong, I was very grateful for this job and income, however this was in no way enough money to support my goal of living on my own, in a luxury condo downtown Toronto.

I still kept the vision in mind! As the years were going by, I kept working more and more towards this goal, prioritizing more and more time towards my career. My income was increasing, but so were rent prices. At the beginning of 2020, I was looking at rent prices of about $2400-2500 for what I wanted. It was still over what I felt comfortable spending.

Then the pandemic hit, and rent prices started coming down. This was totally unexpected. I was now looking at rent closer to $2000 for what I wanted, which still seemed a bit high for my comfort level at the time.

I then went to see my accountant for my yearly taxes, and come to find out that I was over saving by about $1000/mo for taxes! (I get paid through my business, so I need to set aside and pay my own taxes). What this meant was that I had an additional $1000/mo at my disposal! And that was the tipping point - rent prices had gone down, and I had more money than I thought available to spend on rent, so I went for it! I started my condo search!

After scanning through hundreds of listings, inquiring for 20+ units, viewing 10+ units, losing bidding wars, cancelling and making appointments at the last minute, I finally landed my dream luxury condo downtown Toronto!

I got the high rise city view that I wanted, the floor-to-ceiling windows that I wanted, and the beautiful sunset views as well!

vision board miracle
vision board blog

Part 5: rooftop pool

vision board testimony

There’s almost nothing that I love more than spending a relaxing sunny day relaxing by an outdoor pool! This was high on my list of priorities when searching for my condo.

With the condo came a rooftop outdoor pool, which I spent almost every day of summer that we had left when I moved in September!

vision board success stories
vision board success story

Part 6: Audi R8

my vision board came true

Okay this one did not exactly manifest, in the sense that I do not own this car. If I’m being honest, this manifestation was a bit lower on my priority list, especially once I moved downtown. I barely drive my car now down here. That’s not to say that I’ve given up on this one, BUT that as of now, my priorities have shifted a bit (this is still a car I aim to own in a couple of years!)

However, I do have a really cool story that manifested in 2020 when it comes to the Audi R8!

I used to take lots of walks in the neighbourhood I lived in before moving to Toronto. One of the houses in a nearby subdivision owned a white Audi R8 (very similar to the photo on my vision board!). I would very often go out of my way during my walks to go walk by and see the car.

Then one day, on my way back to my apartment from my parents (it was about a 1 hour drive), I decided to really feel what it would feel like to be driving an Audi R8 (aka manifesting!). I was imagining what I would see, what I would feel, what others around me would do, etc. I was really immersed in the experience.

I had also decided that once I got back to Barrie (where I lived), I would go drive by the house with the Audi R8 (just because I liked admiring it lol).

And so in other words, I was really in the Audi R8 energy that day! #1. Feeling like I was driving one, and #2. Expecting to see one very shortly.

Once back in Barrie, I had to stop and get gas. Keep in mind that I ALWAYS went to the same gas station. Always. But for some reason, at the last minute, I felt a nudge to go to the gas station across the street for no particular reason. I just felt a nudge to do so, so I followed it.

I got my gas, got back in my car, prepared to drive off, and then I noticed that my car was beeping at me. It was telling me that I hadn’t properly closed the trunk. This made no sense as I never opened it to begin with. But anyways, I get out of my car to go close the trunk.

On my way there, guess what car had pulled up RIGHT BEHIND ME?

A white Audi R8! (recognizing the license plate, it was actually the exact one I had planned to go see!)

I didn’t even have to come to the car! The car came to me! (And just to put in perspective, Audi R8s are not very common in Barrie - I would maybe see one once a year).

I truly believe that this happened for two reasons: #1. I was in the Audi R8 energy (visualizing driving one only minutes before), and #2. Following my intuition (going to the other gas station I had never been to, simply because I felt a nudge to do so). I also want to point out that I swear that I did not open my trunk! But if my car had not needed me to go close the trunk after I got my gas, I would have probably not seen the car! Some interesting stuff!

This post was all about my vision board success story! I hope this gives you some inspiration for your goals and dreams, especially if you’ve had some on your mind for a while now! I do believe that anything is possible if we set our mind to it, and that creating a vision board is a great tool to do so! It's time to create your vision board success story!

vision board success story
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quieten your mind

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vision board success story

My vision board success story

Curious as to whether or not vision boards can bring your dreams and goals from just a concept to having it in your physical reality? In this post, I’m going to be sharing with you my vision board success story!

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