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Looking for a summary on The Secret? Wondering what are the main key points that you should be taking away from The Secret? In this The Secret summary, you’ll receive the 5 main key points that everyone should be taking away from The Secret!

The Secret summary (5 key points)

the secret summary

Date published: April 2 2021

Looking for a summary of The Secret? Wondering what are the main key points that you should be taking away from The Secret? In this The Secret summary, you’ll receive the 5 main key points that everyone should be taking away from The Secret!

the secret summary

You’ve probably heard about The Secret at this point! It has been mentioned countless times in the Law of Attraction and spirituality realm here on the internet.

The Secret is an amazing movie to watch (also available in the form of a book) if you’re looking to get an introduction on the Law of Attraction. I believe it is still available to watch on Netflix, and you can watch it for free on Youtube here. There is tons of valuable and inspiring information in the movie, and I will break it down into the 5 main key points that you’ll want to retain!

After reading The Secret summary, you’ll have summarized the 5 main key takeaway points that will bring a completely new perspective to your life!

This post is all about The Secret summary (5 key points)!

The Secret summary (5 key points)

Key point #1: you create your reality, and anything is possible

the secret main points

Anything is possible for you! You may have grown up thinking or being told that only certain people can achieve this or that, or that you are only capable of certain things, and not other things. No matter what your current perception is, anything is possible for you - you simply have to set your mind to it.

The Secret explains that you create your reality through your thoughts and feelings, through a force called the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that like frequencies attract like frequencies, and whichever frequency you’re on (aka your thoughts and feelings), you’ll attract back to you.

Maybe you’ve been told that your goals and dreams are too big, but that’s simply not true! Your mind dictates what is and isn’t possible. If you set your mind on the idea that you can achieve something, the chances are that you will. However on the other hand, if you set your mind on the idea that something is impossible for you, chances are that it will remain impossible for you.

Key point #2: Your thought and words are powerful

the secret main points

Just because they’re invisible, doesn’t mean they’re not real. Our thoughts and our feelings are very real, and they matter! They determine our perception of the world, and in turn, our perception determines what we experience, or in other words, what we attract and create.

There are multiple experiments that I can think of to back this up. The first one being an experiment explained by Dr Joe Dispenza in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. In this experiment, DNA strands were used in order to determine the effect of thoughts and feelings on matter. What they did was, they had people hold the solution samples containing DNA strands, and align their thoughts and feelings with winding up the DNA strands. This ended up working! The DNA strands wound up simply through the power of thoughts and feelings!

Another similar experiment was conducted by Dr Masuru Emoto - what he did was he froze water, and examined the types of crystals formed after thoughts and words were projected onto that water. Some of the water had been projected with negative thoughts and words, and some of the water with positive thoughts and words. The water that had been exposed to the negative thoughts and words had froze into patterns that were not so pretty, and the water that had been exposed to the positive thoughts and words froze into beautiful snowflake crystals.

So, to wrap up this point, your thoughts and feelings are so powerful! Just because they aren’t visible, doesn’t mean they’re not real, or can’t cause an effect on matter.

Key point #3: Hold the trust

the secret summary book

Hold the trust, and keep the faith. Just because the outcome you’re working on isn’t here just yet, doesn’t mean it’s not right around the corner! Just because you may not be seeing progress, doesn’t mean that progress is not being made behind the scenes that you’re simply not yet perceiving of.

Everything is energy, including our thoughts and feelings - this is something that can be measured with a device called a magnetometer. We emit energy based on our thoughts and feelings, and this energy interacts with the energy around us. If you set your thoughts and feelings on a specific outcome, but it’s not there just yet, know that you have projected this energy, and that the result will come.

In the meantime, hold the trust. Because if you’re constantly doubting and asking “well where is my manifestation?”, the energy you’re emitting is “my manifestation is not here”, and therefore, you will attract back to you more that will represent your manifestation not yet being here.

This is why it’s important to keep the trust - when we’re constantly questioning, we’re taking steps back.

An amazing quote I heard that ties in this point nicely is: “whether you’re choosing fear or faith, you’re choosing to believe in something not yet known to be true”. So, if you’re going to bet on a certain outcome that you don’t know yet to be true, why not bet on the most favourable option? Which will in turn, set you on the energy frequency in line with your desires.

Key point #4: Ask. Believe. Receive.

the secret summary movie

This is the formula used to describe the manifestation process.

First, you ask, meaning you ask for what you want. You decide what it is that you want, you make it clear, and you declare that it’s going to be yours.

Next, you fully believe in this outcome. The belief part is crucial, as this sets the context for your thought. You can think all you want about 1 million dollars, but if it’s thought about from a negative and scarcity mindset, it will turn into “I’m not good enough for 1 million dollars, I don’t deserve it”. VS if it’s thought about from a positive and abundant mindset, it will turn into “It will be so much fun to receive this money, I can’t wait to share my wealth and experience so much freedom!”.

Your belief dictates the context of your thought, so make sure that the belief matches your thought!

And lastly, you receive! You allow your manifestation to flow through!

Key point #5: forget the “how”

the secret summary movie

And lastly, forget the “how” - forget how your manifestation will happen. It’s not your job to figure this out - there are greater forces at play that have got it all figured out for you! And for all you know, it may be a much better plan than yours!

There’s a great saying that goes “if you already knew how it would happen, you’d likely already have it”. And so, expect that it may very well come in an unexpected way! That is oftentimes how “big” manifestations happen - people had no idea how, they just knew they would. 

This post was all about The Secret summary (5 key points)! You now have a summary of The Secret, and understand the main concepts and key points of this book/movie that play a big role when it comes to the Law of Attraction, and manifesting what you want into your life!

the secret summary
the secret summary
the secret summary

Welcome to the Fituristically Her blog, where we talk about all things Law of Attraction, spirituality, mindset, and more!

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the secret summary



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