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Looking for an explanation on The Secret? For an in-depth dive into what is really meant by “you create your reality”, and if it’s actually possible? This post, The Secret explained, will tell you what they don’t tell you in The Secret, so that you can answer all those questions you’ve been left with after watching The Secret!

The Secret explained (what they don’t tell you)

the secret explained

Date published: March 31 2021

Looking for an explanation on The Secret? For an in-depth dive into what is really meant by “you create your reality”, and if it’s actually possible? This post, The Secret explained, will tell you what they don’t tell you in The Secret, so that you can answer all those questions you’ve been left with after watching The Secret!

the secret explained

The Secret is a fantastic movie/book to start your learning about the Law of Attraction. It was THE thing that kick-started my Law of Attraction journey - learning about what it is, and giving me a general introduction to the incredible power that our mind has!

As much as it was a great introductory resource, I was left with a lot of questions. Is the Law of Attraction even real? Why haven’t I heard of it before? How many people know this? How do I start using it?

And that’s what we’re going to be talking about today: The Secret explained. What is this Law of Attraction? How does it work? And is it even real? By the end of this post, you’ll have a much greater understanding on how the Law of Attraction works, and how to use it, so that you can start deliberately using your mind to manifest!

This post is all about The Secret explained!

The Secret explained (what they don’t tell you)

What is The Secret?

the secret summary

First of all, what is The Secret? The Secret is a movie/book (I believe it is still available on Netflix, and you can also watch it on Youtube for free here) that talks about the Law of Attraction. The formula they use to explain this concept is: ask, believe, receive, and they demonstrate multiple real-life scenarios and stories on how the Law of Attraction can be applied for success.

Ask, believe, receive

Ask, believe, receive is the main phrase they use in The Secret to explain the Law of Attraction.

Now, if you’ve heard me speaking about the Law of Attraction before, you’ve likely heard me explain it more along these lines: thought (intention) + feeling (belief) = manifestation.

In my opinion, both formulas mean the exact same thing, they’re simply two different ways of describing it. The “Ask” being the thought, the “believe” being the feeling, and the “receive” being the manifestation.

There are many many ways to explain the Law of Attraction, so know that there is not necessarily a right or wrong way to describe it and learn about it. Certain teachers, and ways of explaining it will resonate with some more than others, and that’s the beauty of being able to express concepts in a multitude of ways!

In the next couple paragraphs, we’re going to be dissecting this formula in deeper detail. But for now, know that the principle behind The Secret and the Law of Attraction is that our minds hold so much creation power. Your goals and dreams are achievable! The program inside your mind will dictate the results you get in your life.

Just because our thoughts and feelings are invisible, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, or don’t matter. 

the secret movie summary

There are many things in our world that are invisible, but hold an incredibly strong power! Think: gravity, wifi, UV rays, oxygen, microwave waves, and so much more! All of these invisible waves hold so much power! Gravity grounds us, wifi connects us to the internet, UV rays have the potential to cause burns, oxygen allows us to breathe, and microwave waves cook our food. These are just a few examples that demonstrate that just because something is invisible, doesn’t mean it’s powerless! Quite the opposite!

The same goes for our thoughts and feelings. Let’s break them down, and then we’ll get into the science and proof behind all of this.


the secret summary

In my opinion, The Secret did a fantastic job at driving home the concept that if you don’t ask for something, you likely won’t get it, so to get clear on what you want in order to achieve it.

This, I believe, is a pretty straight-forward concept that most people understood well. There are many ways of doing this - you could write out a list of what you want, find pictures that illustrate what you want, or simply think about what you want in detail.

Once you get clear on what you want, you’re better able to make choices and decisions with purpose. This will put you and guide you on the path to your goals and dreams.

Now, I’m sure most of us knew this (although is always a great reminder to have). And so what is this “Law of Attraction” power that is talked about? The Law of Attraction comes into play with our feelings. Our feelings actually dictate the context of the thoughts we’re having, which work together to create our reality.


the secret explained

Feelings are the second part of the Law of Attraction formula. This is the part that, in my opinion, wasn’t as clear in The Secret. As I was brand new to the Law of Attraction at the time, I also attribute this to not having understood this concept. And, as I’m assuming many people will also be in the same boat (new to the LOA when first watching The Secret), I figured I wasn’t going to be the only one who did not fully grasp this.

It’s now been many years since I first watched The Secret, and since then, I’ve done a ton of research and studying on the Law of Attraction, which led me to a much clearer understanding of this topic.

The feelings we feel towards a particular topic will determine the context of that topic. In other words, your thoughts don’t mean very much in terms of context without the feeling/belief that you associate with it. Let me give you an example.

Say that your thought is “manifesting 1 million dollars”. Let’s give two different feelings associated with that.

the secret book summary

Feeling A is that you feel it would be so much fun to receive this amount of money! You think about all the fun experience you will have, how much you’ll be able to give back and make a difference in other people’s lives, as well as the freedom it will give you.

Feeling B is that you feel like that would never be a possibility for you. That you’re not deserving of such an amount of money. That others may judge you for it.

You see, even though the thought of “manifesting 1 million dollars” is the exact same in both scenarios, the undertone, the context, is completely different.

And so, it’s not enough to simply think a thought - you also have to line up the feeling you want to manifest as well. For example, if you want the 1 million dollars, how do you want to feel? And feel those feelings.

There are many, many manifestation techniques that can be used to put the Law of Attraction into practice. These include visualization, scripting, hypnosis, meditation, and so much more! I dive deep in a wide range of manifestation techniques inside the Law of Attraction School!

Law of Attraction School

law of attraction school banner
law of attraction school banner mobile

The science

the secret law of attraction

To finish off this post, I wanted to dive into the science that backs up the concepts talked about in The Secret. Now, this is an entire topic on its own! I even have an entire course on this - this is what the LOA School is all about. So as you can imagine, there’s LOTS to go over that we simply can’t cover in one blog post, let alone a section of a blog post.

BUT, I did want to leave you with some information that will be helpful to you, that you can take away, and decide to pursue your education on this topic in whichever way you want!

A great resource to start with is the double slit experiment on Youtube (you can watch it here). The double slit experiment is a great introduction to the whole concept that our reality is not really as it seems, and that particles (what we see and perceive as “real”), and either be in a wave form or a particle form. In plain english, this simply means that we can either perceive of them (exists), or not perceive of them (doesn’t exist).

the secret law of attraction

The difference between whether or not a particle “exists” or “doesn’t exist”, is based on the observer - aka our perception. And our perception is based on our thoughts and feelings (aka the Law of Attraction).

And if you’re still left with questions you want answered, I would highly recommend the Law of Attraction School! This will provide you with the best training on the Law of Attraction by taking a super deep-dive into the science, along with practical tools and techniques to implement the Law of Attraction in your life, and start deliberately manifesting the life you want!

This post was all about The Secret explained! You now have a deeper understanding of the main concept spoken about in The Secret, the Law of Attraction, as well as what it takes from your part when it comes to manifestation.

the secret explained
the secret explained
the secret explained

Welcome to the Fituristically Her blog, where we talk about all things Law of Attraction, spirituality, mindset, and more!

law of attraction school
the secret explained



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The Secret explained (what they don't tell you)

The Secret summary (5 key points you NEED TO REMEMBER!)

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