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Want to learn how to quieten your mind? These 3 amazing techniques will teach you how to quiet an overactive mind!

3 powerful ways to quieten your mind

quieten your mind

Date published: March 3 2021

Want to learn how to quieten your mind? These 3 amazing techniques will teach you how to quiet an overactive mind!

quieten your mind

Learning how to quiet the mind chatter is something that anyone can do, simply by using their mind. This is something that I’ve been working on for the past year - I always seemed to struggle to quieten my mind, especially during meditation. No matter how many times I tried, my mind seemed to just keep going on and on and on!

But this past year, I’ve dedicated more time to researching this topic, to learning more about it, and experimenting more. And through this process, I’ve gathered 3 amazing techniques that have really helped me quieten the mind chatter.

After learning these 3 powerful techniques, you will be able to effectively quiet the “monkey mind”, and feel less anxious, less stressed, and more present!

This post is all about how to quieten your mind!

How to quieten your mind

Firstly, I think it’s really important to get an understanding as to where all this mental chatter is coming from, and why it’s there in the first place. When we understand something, we can better work with it!

This “mind chatter” is also what is often called the ego. Here’s how I see it: we are a soul in a physical body, and the ego may come up from time to time (or quite often!). This is the voice we hear in our head. One of the best definition I’ve head for the ego, the voice in our head, the “monkey mind”, whatever you want to call it!, is that the ego simply means to associate with out thoughts.

The ego simply means to associate with our thoughts.

I learned this from Eckhart Tolle, and it stuck with me ever since. Mainly because it makes so much sense. When I associate with my thoughts (meaning giving them attention, feeding into them, conversing with them, etc.), the voice/ego comes up! When I disassociate with my thoughts (meaning they are still there, but I’m not giving them more attention than a simple acknowledgement, I’m not feeding into them, I’m not conversing back and forth with them, etc.), the voice/ego quietens down.

how to relax your mind to sleep

But have you ever stopped to think about why this voice is there in the first place? What’s the purpose behind it? The voice/ego is actually there to keep safe and protected!

It’s a really GOOD thing that we have this voice!

Think about it, if you were in a forest and heard a bear growling, that initial thought would come up “that might be a bear growling”, and then, the voice/ego would come in: “I shouldn’t go further!”, “it’s time to turn around!”, “go slow and steady so the bear doesn't chase you!”. 

how to quiet an overactive mind

In this case, having this mental chatter is GOOD! Had you just ignored the initial thought of “that might be a bear growling”, you may have had an unpleasant encounter with the bear! Can you see now how this voice/ego is keeping you safe and protected?

However, the voice/ego can over do it. Let me give you an example. Say that you want to get into public speaking to expand your business - this is something that really excites you! This is also something that you think would be a great opportunity to develop a new skill, and to network with others. So many benefits!

But say when you were younger, you were made fun of during a presentation in school. Maybe you forgot your lines, and it didn’t go so well. Traumatic and emotional events can tend to get stored in the subconscious and stay with us throughout our lives.

how to calm your mind instantly

So, the voice/ego says “whoa, whoa, whoa! There’s no way you’re getting into public speaking! Do you not remember what happened in grade 7? We don’t want that happening again! You won’t be good at it anyways, remember what happened?” Totally self-sabotaging yourself!

And THAT is where the challenge can come in with the voice/ego. It wants to protect you at all costs - oftentimes from situations that may not even be “dangerous” (as above). However, because the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined, a lot of the times, our internal thoughts (i.e. in this case, feeling traumatized back in grade 7 for being made fun of during a presentation), feels just as scary as a real life-threatening situation.

how to quiet your mind to sleep

Now that we have a better understanding on why the voice is there and its purpose, we can see that it is not always in our best interest to have it working at full speed. Sure, for actual dangerous events, we need it. But for situations where it’s simply our emotions and past memories appearing as the “danger”, in those cases, it can actually hinder our growth and our self development.

So, here are 3 powerful ways to quieten your mind.

Method #1: Observe your thoughts

monkey mind

Realize this: you can hear your thoughts but you are not your thoughts. We can often have the sense that we were born with a certain “personality”, with a certain “way of thinking”, and that it’s set in stone for life. That we have no control over it. But, that’s simply not true. You can hear your thoughts which mean, you are not the thoughts themselves - it’s something outside of you.

And that brings me to the first method, observe your thoughts. I like to see the voice/ego as a separate entity from me. I am my soul, in a body, and this “protective voice” comes by throughout the day to try and keep me as safe as possible. But the voice is not me - it is separate from me.

When we look at it this way, it can be much easier to look at the voice in an objective way. Observing your thoughts doesn’t mean to have no thoughts. This is the common mistake people make - they attempt to meditate to quieten their mind, and realize that they still have thoughts, and then think to themselves “this isn’t working”.

The idea here is to acknowledge the thoughts - see that they’re there, but to not give them any more attention than that, not feed into them, not start a conversation with them. This is what it means to “disassociate” from our thoughts, and essentially dissolving the ego in those moments to bring peace and calmness.

Method #2: Become present

how to quiet the mind chatter

Become present in the moment. Look around you. Notice what’s around you in this moment. Notice the ground you’re touching, notice the things you’re hearing, notice the things you’re smelling. 

Becoming present is another great way to quieten the mental chatter. Mental chatter topics typically stem from past situations or future situations (which you could literally go on and on about), and so when we bring our mind back to this present moment, it tends to calm down.

Method #3: Get busy physically/feel in your body

how to quiet your mind from anxiety

Do something that your physical body is a part of. When the mind goes on and on and on, we’re focused on the mind, we’re giving attention to the mind. When we shift this attention to our body, this is another way to disassociate from our thoughts.

Examples include:

  • Working out
  • Yoga
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Cold shower
  • Stretching
  • Etc.

This post was all about how to quieten your mind! You now have 3 amazing techniques to use when you just can’t seem to quieten your mind, that will help you do just that!

quieten your mind
quieten your mind
quieten your mind

Welcome to the Fituristically Her blog, where we talk about all things Law of Attraction, spirituality, mindset, and more!

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quieten your mind



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3 powerful ways to quieten your mind (aka the ego mind)

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