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Looking for some practical tips on how to practice detachment? On how to let go of expectations that keep you feeling anxious? In this guide, you’ll uncover 7 practical mindset shifts that will help you detach from outcomes and expectations!

How to practice detachment

How to practice detachment

Date published: April 21 2021

Looking for some practical tips on how to practice detachment? On how to let go of expectations that keep you feeling anxious? In this guide, you’ll uncover 7 practical mindset shifts that will help you detach from outcomes and expectations!

how to practice detachment

Whether you’ve set yourself some goals and can’t wait to achieve them, or there’s somebody in your life that you so desperately want to keep in close proximity, or you’re afraid of losing your job, we’ve likely all experienced that feeling of NEEDING a certain outcome to occur.

From specific people, to specific career paths, I’ve definitely experienced this myself. Wanting something or someone so badly that it consumes all your energy.

As we can see, this can definitely cause a certain degree of stress in our lives - being so focused on needing a certain outcome to occur, otherwise we feel crushed.

Not only is this unhealthy for our own mental state, but others around us can feel this energy as well - everything is energy. And oftentimes, being in this energy will actually repel said person or result from happening in our life.

So how do we let go of needing a certain outcome to occur? How do we practice detachment? That’s what we’re going to cover inside this post!

This post is all about how to practice detachment!

How to practice detachment

Tip #1: You only want it for the feeling

how to practice detachment in marriage

Remind yourself that whatever it is that you want: a person, a certain job, a certain house, or car, that you only want said thing/person for the feeling that you think it will give you.

Yes, you may have a list of reasons why you want it, but fundamentally, those reasons also boil down to simply feelings. It might be a feeling of love, security, abundance, freedom, etc., that you’re anticipating said thing will bring to you.

But here’s the thing: nothing ever MAKES us feel a certain way - we instead ALLOW certain things to make us feel a certain way.

Think about comedians - do they make people laugh? You could say that that’s what it looks like, but what if a comedian tries to make you laugh, but you had a completely different sense of humor than theirs. Would you laugh? Likely not, but someone else may very well. And so, it’s not the comedian that MAKES someone laugh, it’s the other person resonating with what they’re saying and allowing themselves to laugh. As much as they may want to make you laugh, if you don’t want to laugh, they can’t make you laugh.

And the same goes with events and circumstances around us - they can’t make us feel a way that we don’t want - they make us feel the way we allow ourselves to feel. Good or bad.

This concept really helped me remove what I so desperately wanted off a pedestal - realizing that I don’t need that said thing to feel the way I want to feel. That I can instead, allow myself to feel the way I want to feel with or without it. And you can do the same! When you want something badly, keep reminding yourself that it’s just the feeling that you’re after, and that you can access that within you right now.

Tip #2: What if there was something better?

If you don’t end up getting the exact result that you had intended for, ask yourself “what if there’s something better?”

What if there’s a better match for you? Oftentimes, we can get so caught up in what we DON’T have, that we forget all of the possibilities! This can be especially true when we haven’t yet experienced anything better in our eyes - if we don’t know that better exists, it can feel as though we missed out on the best thing.

The truth is that most of the time, we are only aware of what we know to be a possibility, or what we’ve seen possible for others. But the reality is that there is so much more that exists around us that we are simply not aware of, that can lead to possibilities that we can yet imagine or comprehend. I talk more about this in the intro to quantum mechanics post, and in the quantum physics and the mind post.

And so the trick here is to keep an open mind - that better IS possible for you and CAN happen to you! All it takes is to expand our awareness to match that reality.

Tip #3: Egg theory

practice detachment buddhism

If you're asking yourself how to practice detachment when it comes to other people, I highly recommend you watch The Egg video! (it’s only 7 minutes). My friend showed it to me a couple months ago, and it completely changed my perspective on our world and life as a whole!

In short, the theory explained in the video states that when we die, we reincarnate into a new body. However, we don’t necessarily reincarnate on a linear timeline - we could reincarnate 100 years ago, 500 years ago, 1000 years in the future, etc., and by default, we are then bound to come in contact with other versions and other reincarnations of ourselves during this lifetime. Not only that, but that to evolve and grow as a soul, we actually become every single “person” in this life - we each have a whole universe created for ourselves - to grow and evolve.

In other words, everyone around us is simply another reincarnation of ourselves.

I know this theory may not resonate with everyone, but the reason that I choose to remind myself of this, is because again, it removes other people from the pedestal - that no one is better than you, or able to make you feel a certain way - that they’re essentially only other versions of ourselves. 

I’m not sure if this is something I believe in 100%, but it definitely has helped me move through difficult emotions at times, especially when they involve other people.

Tip #4: Time is an illusion

how to emotionally detach from work

Remember that time is an illusion, and things can change at any time. Big things and changes don’t need to take a long time.

As much as it feels like time is linear, we can only experience the present moment. Our past was the present moment, and our future will also be the present moment, and so all there is, is the present moment.

If something happens in your life and you’re unhappy about it, remember that things can change at any “time”. The length of time we decide to stay stuck in a certain situation and mindset, is the length of time that it will last.

Break out of the illusion that the life you want to live will need a specific amount of time to achieve, or that the things you want to change about your life will take a certain amount of time to change. Time is simply an illusion.

Tip #5: Trust that there is a reason

I’m sure you’ve heard it: everything happens for a reason. Trust that if the outcome you want doesn’t happen, that there is a reason for it. Sometimes we may find the reason the next day, sometimes we may find the reason 6 months later, and sometimes we may find the reason 60 years later. Either way, trust that there is a bigger reason, even if you don’t know it just yet.

Tip #6: Find peace within yourself

tips for detaching with love

When we are attached to a certain outcome, it’s because we believe that something external, outside of us, will make us feel a certain way.

However, when we’re connected and in touch with our soul, we can find these feelings within us, and no longer need the external world to behave in a certain way to be happy.

So look within you for those feelings that you’re seeking externally. Connect with your soul, your true self. One of my favorite ways to do this is to meditate. Meditation allows you to observe your thoughts and feelings from a “3rd party” (the soul part of you), and recognize that you are not your thoughts - you simply think thoughts (but you are not them).

This is an amazing tool to detach from those feelings of stress and anxiousness. Oftentimes, when we feel those feelings, we feel at a loss of control, and in turn feel the need TO control. When we let go of these feelings, we also let go of the need to control.

Tip #7: Have expectations, but have a healthy relationship with them

Look, I’m all about setting goals, intentions, and having expectations! The key difference is to detach from the outcome - being ok either way.

Striving for, working for, and embodying the version of ourselves who lives their best life, for the sole reason of living that way in that present moment. Not fixating on the future (because ultimately, that will also be the present moment).

This is practicing the law of attraction! Thinking the thoughts and feeling the feelings you would have if you already had that result in your life.

But every time we question “well where is it?” and starting to place an attachment on the outcome, we get in the vibration and frequency of it not being there yet. And so what kind of result will this attract? More reasons and proof of “it not being there yet”.

So “acting as if” for the sole purpose of enjoying being that version of you in that moment, and being ok with either result.

This post was all about how to practice detachment! You now have 7 practical mindset shifts that you can apply to your everyday life to start detaching from outcomes, and prioritize enjoying the present moment!

How to practice detachment
How to practice detachment
How to practice detachment

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How to practice detachment



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How to practice detachment (and let go of expectations)

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