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Looking for some books to change your mindset? In this list, you will find some of the best books to change your thinking and mindset! These life-changing books will give you a completely new perspective on life that you’ll wish you would have realized sooner!

3 amazing books to change your mindset

books to change your mindset

Date published: March 17 2021

Looking for some books to change your mindset? In this list, you will find some of the best books to change your thinking and mindset! These life-changing books will give you a completely new perspective on life that you’ll wish you would have realized sooner!

books to change your mindset

These are some of my favorite mindset books and motivational books, when it comes to living a mindful and intentional life.

These self help books have given me new perspectives on life that have expanded my mindset in a completely new way!

After learning my biggest takeaways from each book, you’ll never see life in the same way again! You’ll want to keep this list of mindset books handy for the next time you feel inspired to pick up a new life-changing book!

This post is all about the best books to change your mindset!

3 amazing books to change your mindset

In no particular order, here are 3 ultimate books to change your mindset.

1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

life changing books

The title itself is pretty self-explanatory - this book talks about the incredible power that exists in the present moment of now.

Oftentimes, we are preoccupied thinking about what happened in the past, or what is going to happen in the future, that we forget to take in and appreciate the present moment.

The present moment is all there is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be! Think about it… when you were living your “past”, you were in the present moment, and when you’ll be living in your “future”, you’ll still be in the present moment. Any moment that has been lived in your life, has been in the now.

And so, if our past was the present moment, and the future will be the present moment, and that we always are in the present moment, would it not make sense to put our attention and focus on the present moment?

And that is what the book talks all about. It’s an amazing read that will remind you in many different ways the importance of being present in the moment. Throughout this book, I felt a very calming feeling. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who has a very “chatty” mind like me, and is looking for some inner peace. You’ll find the answers and solutions in this book.

books that make you think

The book brings to light the illusion that we face every day - the illusion that we are our bodies, that we are our personalities, that this is the end all be all. When we are able to shed light on this, we can begin to disconnect from this illusion. Disconnect from the mental chatter that can go on in our heads all day long.

At the end of the day, if we can disconnect from our mental chatter (aka the ego), we’re going to be living a much more present life. If you want to learn more about exactly what the ego (voice in our head) is, comes from, it’s purpose, and how to disconnect from it, I have an entire blog post on it here. You’ll also find incredible information on disconnecting from this voice in your head inside The Power of Now.

When we engage with this mental chatter, that’s when we start living in the past, and living in the future, and missing out on the present moment. This voice in our head is always recalling past events, or anticipating future events, but when we learn to disassociate from it, we become more present in the moment than ever before.

My biggest takeaway from The Power of Now is that this current moment is the only moment that ever existed and will always exist, so put your focus and attention on it.

2. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

best books on changing your mindset
mindset books

I’m going to be grouping two books into one section here because these books contain very similar information. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself is a little bit shorter and came out first, so I would recommend reading that one first.

Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings, and his books are an amazing resource in his collection of teachings.

What you’ll learn in these books is truly life-changing - you’ll never view your thoughts and feelings in the same way again!

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches you what happens in our body, on a biological level, when we feel certain emotions. What happens when we feel good, happiness, gratitude, joy, and what happens when we feel bad, stressed, resentful, and anxious.

And let me tell you, you’ll start putting a huge emphasis and priority on your emotional health after reading his books!

I won’t dive into exactly what happens in this post, as this is a comprehensive topic, which I have an entire lesson on inside the Law of Attraction School

Law of Attraction School

law of attraction school banner
law of attraction school banner mobile

But what I will tell you in a short summary here, is that first of all, how you think and how you feel, conditions your body to think and feel more of those same feelings. You are conditioning your body to expect these thoughts, feelings, and emotions. And in turn, your body does everything in its power to make sure this happens. When your cells adapt to feeling certain feelings, they actually change and adapt to expect these feelings. And your body now requires more and more of these same feelings to simply feel alive.

And so you start to think and feel in accordance to what your body has conditioned itself to. You can become addicted to certain feelings and emotions, where your body craves them just as much as it would crave another substance in another form of addiction.

books that changed your perspective on life

It’s our job to condition the body to emotions and feelings we enjoy feeling, so that it works in our favor, and does everything in its power to feel more of those good feelings (rather than the stress and the negative feelings). The body will continue to reaffirm the feelings and emotions you condition it to.

This also sheds light on external events not being the cause of our feelings and emotions. The same event can take place in two people’s lives, but each person will react differently.

You’ll learn how to make your internal world more real than your external world. And when you can do this, you’ll be in the best place to start reconditioning your body to feelings and emotions you want to feel.

My biggest takeaway from these books is that even though they are invisible, our thoughts and feelings MATTER, so to take time to become aware of them.

3. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy

manifestation books

This book’s title is also pretty self explanatory - it will teach you the incredible power of your subconscious mind.

This book provides a lot of real life examples to bring awareness to how much power we each really have within us.

I found this book to be a very easy read, as it does go over many examples ranging from various different topics such as love, career, health, etc.

You’ll learn exactly how these people used the power of their subconscious mind to make amazing changes in their lives.

Understanding what people did specifically in order to change their life using the power of their mind taught me how I can do the same. And that would be my biggest takeaway from the book - not necessarily one specific piece of advice/information, but more so the confidence and empowerment about the incredible power that we each have within us, and how we can use it to make massive changes in our life.

This post was all about the best books to change your mindset. You now have 3 new incredible book recommendations that you can add to your list for the next time that you are ready to experience a complete mindset revamp!

books to change your life
books to change your mindset
books to change your mindset

Welcome to the Fituristically Her blog, where we talk about all things Law of Attraction, spirituality, mindset, and more!

law of attraction school
books to change your mindset



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3 Amazing books to change your mindset 

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